NSCP Board

The NSCP Board consists of nine elected members, as well as one appointed member by the Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia (DFNS). Each year, NSCP members elect two Zone Representatives (alternate by year), as well as one Member At Large at the Annual Meeting. The Natural Products Marketing Council appoints an ex-officio member to the Board.

Below is a list of current NSCP Board Members:

Zone 1  (2018) – Danford Murphy
Zone 2 (2019) – Alicia King
Zone 3  (2020) – Leon Smith
Zone 4  and Chair (2018) – Larry Weatherby
Zone 5 (2019) – Dean Manning
Zone 6 (2020) – Wayne MacKay
At Large  and Vice Chair (2018) – Curtis Moxsom
At Large and CCA Rep (2019) – Victor Oulton
At Large  (2020) – Brian Trueman
Past Chair – Terry Prescott
DFNS Rep – David Bekkers
NPMC Rep – Vacant

Dates listed for Board Members refer to when their current term expires.


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