Obsolete Collection Campaign 2018

Cleanfarms will be in Nova Scotia for an Obsolete Collection Campaign, collecting unwanted pesticides and livestock medications, from November 5-16, 2018 in various locations.

Please note, this collection will not be commencing again until 2021.

Cleanfarms Obsolete Collection Campaign Poster [PDF]

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2018 NS Elite Beef Expo – One Week Entry Reminder

Entry forms for the 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo are due ONE WEEK from today – Thursday, August 2nd by 4:30pm.

Submit your entries today so you don’t miss out!

Entry forms can be found here.

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CCA Industry Update

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) released an Industry Update July 20, 2018 titled: ‘CCA Welcomes New Public Engagement and Stakeholder Engagement Manager’. Jill Harvie will be taking over this role as of September 1, 2018.

Please click here to read the entire CCA Industry Update.

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2018 NS Elite Beef Expo

This is your two week reminder to ensure you submit your entry forms to the NSCP office by August 2nd for the 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo!

Forms can be found at https://nscattle.ca/expo/

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Ultrasound Technician Trainee

The Nova Scotia Cattle Producers are looking for an Ultrasound Technician Trainee to fulfill part time contract work, to be completed on an as needed basis.

The closing date for this position is August 1, 2018.

Ultrasound Technician Job Description[PDF]

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Small Farm Acceleration Program

The Programs and Business Risk Management (PBRM) division of the Department of Agriculture announced today the new “Small Farm Acceleration Program” has opened for application intake.

This program allows small farms to make significant strides in reaching or working towards commercial viability. This is open to new farmers, as well as existing farms with up to $60,000 gross commodity sales.

Additional information can be found here.

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2018 NS Elite Beef Expo Judge

The beef judge for the 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo has been confirmed to be: Jamie O’Shea, from Denfield, Ontario.

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2018 Agricultural Excellence Conference

Want to win an all-expense paid trip to the 2018 Agricultural Excellence Conference in Winnipeg, November 26-28?

In a 1-minute video, Farm Management Canada is asking Canadian young farmers to answer the question: If you could tell a consumer one thing, what would it be?

Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and creativity of the video submitted
  • Logic and coherent flow of ideas
  • Relevance to the questions posed
  • Delivery of presentation
  • Compliance with eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria:

  • Contestant must be at least 20 and under 40 years of age as of January 1, 2018;
  • Contestant must complete the video application form;
  • Contestant must be involved in the Canadian agricultural industry;
  • Contestant must reside in Canada and be a Canadian citizen;
  • Contestant must submit a video, 1 minute in length, responding to the contest question;
  • Contestant must make an appearance in their video submission;
  • Video must include “Y WE FARM” in the title;
  • FMC and FCC logos must appear at the end of the video

Completed application forms and video submissions must be received no later than October 19, 2018.

Please click here for more information.

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Producers Share Ideas for Developing Safe and Relatively Economic Pastures With Greater Longevity

While the old nursery rhyme says Mary the contrary used several odd techniques to get her garden to grow, Canadian beef producers are relying more on new forage varieties, new forage blends and new management approaches to not only produce more grass, but also help to extend the grazing season.

Producers are looking for different things from forages — that includes varieties that come into production early and hold their quality later, varieties and species that tolerate drought, others that don’t mind wet feet, legumes that have high production but minimize the risk of bloat, and grasses, legumes and even annual crops with the versatility to be grazed, baled or silage — these are among the features being evaluated and incorporated into forage mixes across the country.

Some of the old standbys such as bluegrass and timothy are still common in established pastures, but there are plenty of new grasses and legumes finding a fit. Blends are popular – mixes of grasses and legumes, combinations of early and later maturing forages, even warm and cold season species are all being used to increase forage production and extend the grazing season.

Producers are also using innovative techniques to get seedings established. Some of the newer varieties, many now being used in blends, aren’t necessarily cheap.  Depending on the variety mix and actual seeding technique, producers report the cost of creating new and/or  improving established pastures can range from $80 to $400 per acre. That may sound like heady figures to grow grass, but if you can get improved forage production, extend the grazing season and produce more pounds of beef, the amortized costs can actually pencil out quite well.

Whether they are producing beef cattle on Nova Scotia’s north shore, in central New Brunswick, northeastern Ontario, southern and central Saskatchewan, or in central or southern Alberta, these producers are just examples of the effort being put into improved forage production. Grass just doesn’t happen, it takes time, management and investment to grow more feed, that will ultimately produce more pounds of beef.

Read the full Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) article here.

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2018 Forage Field Day

The 2018 Forage Field Day Agenda is now available! This event will be held August 8th at the AAFC Nappan Research Station.

Producers from all livestock sectors are invited to attend the field day. This year will feature a number of speakers and demonstrations related to forage production in dairy, sheep and beef sectors.

To RSVP for lunch, please contact Ellen Crane with the Maritime Beef Council at 902-969-1632 or maritimebeefcouncil@gmail.com.

2018 Forage Field Day Agenda (PDF)

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