Nova Scotia Research Centre Focuses on Grazing

NAPPAN, N.S. — One of Canada’s oldest research farms is rejuvenating the art of grazing.

Agriculture Canada’s Nappan Research Centre in Nova Scotia is one of the original five Dominion Experimental Farms established in 1887. It is the only federal livestock research centre in Eastern Canada working on improving livestock management and forage production.

The 600-acre farm is in a unique area with up to 1,200 millilitres of precipitation a year and fertile soils, including the unique feature of dike lands.

The Acadians living in the area in the 17th and 18th centuries diked marshlands for agriculture and over time, the salt deposits from tidal rivers and the Bay of Fundy were washed away. The soil is deep, silty and fertile and is often used for hay land and pastures.

Projects include breeding and maintaining forages over a long time in this climate. Researchers also grow forages from across North America to test varieties in different growing conditions, said John Duynisveld, research biologist.

“A focus in a lot of the work we have on the go now is maintaining and establishing legumes. We are recognizing the value of legumes to both the soil, the plant community and to the animals,” he told a tour group from the Canadian Grasslands and Forage Association.

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2020 NSCP Zone Meetings

The NSCP Zone Meetings are occurring next week!

Our feature presenter: Dr. Claire Windeyer, DVM, University of Calgary

Claire will be speaking on “Calf health: assessment, treatment and prevention”

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Cattle sector gets two-year reprieve from transportation regulation enforcement

Full details are still in the works, but it appears that the cattle industry — dairy included — will get a two-year delay on enforcement of new transport regulations set to come into force in early February.

The federal minister of agriculture, Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced at a parliamentary reception this week that the grace period for the cattle sector will provide time for “education, awareness, addressing infrastructure needs and the ongoing research to be completed,” says Canadian Cattlemen’s Association manager of policy and programs, Brady Stadnicki.

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CRSB Releases 2019 Annual Report

December 5, 2019, Calgary, AB. – The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) has released its annual report, highlighting key achievements over the past year. Launched in 2018, the CRSB developed the first outcome-based certification program for beef sustainability in the world and uptake is steadily increasing. “We are excited to see such strong growth in the certification program over the past year, with a 45% increase in the volume of beef that has been sold through the program, and a 16% increase in certified farms and ranches over the past six months,” says Anne Wasko, Chair of the CRSB and a rancher from Eastend, Saskatchewan. “It shows that there is demand for the program and we hope Canadians are proud of the leadership role we are taking—working together and committing to transparency and continual improvement.”

The organization also launched an online sustainability projects inventory and, through its partnership with MultiSAR, Cows and Fish, beef producer associations and the Species at Risk on Agricultural Lands program, has worked with 17 ranches and implemented 32 habitat improvements covering 189,000 acres in the Grassland Natural Region of Alberta. These improvements are made possible through funding generously provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada. “All these projects are producer driven and highlight the benefits of collaborative stewardship programs building on local knowledge and the positive impacts they can have for biodiversity and wildlife habitat,” noted Brad Downey, Biologist with the Alberta Conservation Association, one of MulitSAR’s partner organizations.

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Upcoming Safe Handling Course




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BCRC Upcoming Webinar Series

Beef Cattle Research Council has a series of upcoming webinars beginning at 10PM local time that may be of interest to you!

Additional information of this eight part series, including content and dates, can be found by clicking here.

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2020-24 National Beef Strategy Announcement

October 1, 2019

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Beef Advisors are pleased to release the 2020-24 National Beef Strategy. The strategy is designed to take advantage of the opportunities facing the industry while simultaneously addressing the challenges.

The development of the 2020-24 National Strategy has been a dynamic collaborative process engaging all industry sectors and national and provincial organizations. The Canadian Beef Advisors and provincial cattle associations believe a united industry is a stronger industry, and that a stronger industry benefits all those working in it today and into the future.

Substantial progress was made under the 2015-19 strategy and the intention is to continue building on the strengths of existing industry organizations.

“The National Beef Strategy has provided real value for Canadian beef producers; it acts as a roadmap for the groups as they work together. We have set our industry up for success, now we just need to follow through.” said David Haywood-Farmer, Past Chair of the Beef Advisors.

To read the full Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off announcement, please click here.

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Updated VBP+ and Transportation Regulation Changes

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UPDATED Forage and Winter Feeding Workshop

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UPDATED Safe Handling Course

Are you requiring a safe handling course?

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