Canadian Agriculture Loans Act (CALA) Program

Part of the Canadian Agriculture Loans Act (CALA) Program, is to help farmers and agricultural co-operatives with funding and available loans. The CALA Program is working hard to get to know producers needs and current experiences with capital and land loans with and without this program.

Below is a survey, provided by the CALA Program.  Help them better understand Atlantic Farmer’s and agricultural co-operatives, needs in order to serve you better.

We appreciate your time.

CALA Survey (English)

CALA Survey (French)

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10 Tips To Stretch Forage Supplies

“Lack of forage due to dry conditions is weighing heavily on the minds of livestock producers across Canada. Manitoba’s Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) recently released a list of tips on minimizing the impact of dry condition on forage supplies.

MFGA chair Darren Chapman says it’s all about being prepared in advanced, but sometimes even that can’t happen due to Mother Nature. Recent crop reports across the Prairies show most place are dry, which is close to a repeat of the year prior — meaning, farmers likely don’t have much carryover from last year’s storage.

Chapman says the MFGA came up with 10 tips on how to prep for the fall and winter when its dry.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Written by Jessika Guse, August 10, 2018

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ABPI Premium to VBP+ Registered Beef Producers

Atlantic Beef Products Inc (ABPI) is going to start financially recognizing Atlantic Canada Beef Producers with a valid VBP+ status, beginning August 6, 2018.

There will be a $0.02/lb rail premium for all cattle graded AAA or higher who weigh >750 lbs from VBP+ registered producers.

ABPI Premium to VBP+ Registered Beef Producers [PDF]

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Obsolete Collection Campaign 2018

Cleanfarms will be in Nova Scotia for an Obsolete Collection Campaign, collecting unwanted pesticides and livestock medications, from November 5-16, 2018 in various locations.

Please note, this collection will not be commencing again until 2021.

Cleanfarms Obsolete Collection Campaign Poster [PDF]

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2018 NS Elite Beef Expo – One Week Entry Reminder

Entry forms for the 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo are due ONE WEEK from today – Thursday, August 2nd by 4:30pm.

Submit your entries today so you don’t miss out!

Entry forms can be found here.

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CCA Industry Update

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) released an Industry Update July 20, 2018 titled: ‘CCA Welcomes New Public Engagement and Stakeholder Engagement Manager’. Jill Harvie will be taking over this role as of September 1, 2018.

Please click here to read the entire CCA Industry Update.

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2018 NS Elite Beef Expo

This is your two week reminder to ensure you submit your entry forms to the NSCP office by August 2nd for the 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo!

Forms can be found at

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Ultrasound Technician Trainee

The Nova Scotia Cattle Producers are looking for an Ultrasound Technician Trainee to fulfill part time contract work, to be completed on an as needed basis.

The closing date for this position is August 1, 2018.

Ultrasound Technician Job Description[PDF]

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Small Farm Acceleration Program

The Programs and Business Risk Management (PBRM) division of the Department of Agriculture announced today the new “Small Farm Acceleration Program” has opened for application intake.

This program allows small farms to make significant strides in reaching or working towards commercial viability. This is open to new farmers, as well as existing farms with up to $60,000 gross commodity sales.

Additional information can be found here.

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2018 NS Elite Beef Expo Judge

The beef judge for the 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo has been confirmed to be: Jamie O’Shea, from Denfield, Ontario.

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