NSCP Newsletter

NSCP Sept 2018 Newsletter [PDF]

In this Issue:

  • Message From the Chair, Larry Weatherby
  • Changes to NSCP Newsletter Distribution
  • 2018 NS Elite Beef Expo Results
  • Hurry Hard to the Canada Beef Curling community Beef Picnic
  • Bull Bonus Program Update
  • Test Station Now Accepting Bull Applications for 2018-19
  • Fall Feeder Sale Dates
  • September Feeder Sale Results
  • Female Breeding Stock funding Draw
  • Bob Calves- What to do with Them and How to Maximize Price
  • Willow Pond Farm- CCA TESA Award Finalist
  • Why are the Rules to Access Antibiotics for Livestock Changing December 1, 2018?
  • 2019 NSCP Zone and Annual Meeting Dates
  • Canadian Cattle Prices Stay Strong
  • 2018 Healthy Calf Conference

Fact Sheet
Value of Check-off for Dairy Industry

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