Beef Cattle Management in Atlantic Canada- Survey

As a 4th year Animal Science student at Nova Scotia Agricultural College, I am doing my research project on Beef Cattle Management in Atlantic Canada. There is a strong need for beef-related research in Atlantic Canada, and the results of this survey will help to direct future beef-related research in the region. As a member of your provincial cattle producers association, you are invited to complete this survey.

This survey is designed to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and can be filled out on this website at your leisure. Please use the secure passcode that has been sent to you, along with the link to this webpage, to access the survey. This ensures that only members of the provincial cattle producers associations in Atlantic Canada are able to access the survey. This survey is confidential; none of the questions in this survey ask for any information that would reveal your identity. Full completion of the survey signifies your implied consent to have your responses used for research purposes.

Although I would appreciate as many survey respondents as possible, completing this survey is totally voluntary. If at any time you do not wish to complete a certain question, or if you decide to discontinue the survey, simply exit your web browser or proceed to another web site. You have been contacted as a member of your provincial cattle producers association, but your contact information is confidential. The Executive Director of your association has agreed to pass on information about this survey to the general membership, and I have no compiled mailing list for this survey.

When you enter your email address in the login field to access this survey, it will automatically be changed to a randomly generated email address (i.e. when your responses are stored. This allows your identity to remain confidential. Data will be stored in an encrypted file, and will be destroyed after a period of 12 months. Results of this research project will be made available in Spring 2012. The best means to make the results publicly available is still being discussed by my supervisor and me, but I will contact the Executive Director of your association at this time to let them know how the results can be accessed.

If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact me by email at Any concerns regarding the ethics of this survey can be directed to Dr. Steven Dukeshire, Chair of the NSAC Research Ethics Board, by emailing

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Jessie Dowe

4th Year Animal Science Student

Nova Scotia Agricultural College