Police Looking for missing beef animals in New Ross

From the Chronicle Herald June 21, 2013
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NEW ROSS — Bub the bull, snorting, groaning and shaking his horned head, comes running at the sound of his master shaking a bag of bread.

Loran Adams gives the 454-kilogram red bull a pat on the nose after the bovine downs a slice of bread in one gulp, but the animal seems a little skittish.

Adams thinks that’s because of his recent ordeal.

Chester RCMP are investigating Adams’ claim that someone sold seven of his cattle, animals that went missing last month when a corral on his New Ross farm was damaged.

Adams was able to track Bub down, but he doesn’t know the fate of the other six.

“They’re probably dead by now,” he said Thursday.

Const. Damon Caldwell confirmed that police have spoken with a person whose story jibes with Adams’ contention that his missing cows were taken to market in Truro and sold.

The man admits selling the cattle but only after he took “some steps” to find their owner, Caldwell said.

The provincial Provide for Fences and Detention of Stray Livestock Act says anyone finding stray cattle must contact the municipality’s clerk and a description of the cattle must be advertised twice in a newspaper. It also says stray cattle cannot be sold for at least 15 days.

The RCMP must determine if the man took enough steps to find their owner before he sold them, Caldwell said.