Dead Stock Collection Services Announces New Collector

As many of you are already aware, Ted Shearer of Belmont has made the decision to retire. Ted has provided a valuable service on behalf of the Dead Stock Collection Services Committee to farmers in the central area of the province for the past decade. The Committee wishes Ted a long and happy retirement!

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture office wishes to announce that Cecil Sanford, who currently operates the Dead Stock Collection Service in the Valley region is prepared to extend his coverage to include the central region. The pick-ups will be handled by his brother, Luke Sanford. It is planned that Luke will eventually take over this territory as his own enterprise.

For now it is business as usual. Any farmers wishing to access the pick-up service should call Luke Sanford at 1- 902-691-4181. If Luke does not answer and you have to leave a message please remember to leave a telephone number and your civic address with your message. The first day that Luke will be on the road in the central area will be Friday, May 30th.

We hope that all runs smoothly as the transition is rolled out. If not, please call the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture office at 893-2293 to advise of the issues you are experiencing. Co-chairs of the NSFA’s Committee (Paul Taylor representing the dairy industry and Jim Fraser representing the beef sector) are committed to seeing that the service is maintained in an adequate manner for the benefit of local farmers.