September 13, 2014 Feeder Sale Results

Atlantic Stockyard Limited held their first feeder sale of the fall on Saturday September 13, 2014.  The sale featured 171 unvaccinated cattle averaging 647 lbs which sold for $1.74 per pound as well as 544 vaccinated cattle averaging 675 lbs which sold for $2.25 per pound.

Top single was a Charolais steer weighing 505 lbs, selling for $2.97.  The steer was sold by George Baxter and purchased by Balamore Farm Ltd.

The top group were 7 red steers averaging 559 lbs, selling for $2.94.  This group was sold by Darren Allison and purchased by Keith Kinsmen.

Please click here for the Complete ASL Feeder Sale Report [PDF]