Dean Manning

Dean and Catherine Manning operate a mixed farm in Falmouth, Hants County that includes a beef cow-calf operation, grain and vegetable crops, and a seasonal farm market where they sell their own produce.

Manning uses ecologically sound practices for each crop and operates his farm as naturally as possible. Greenhouse crops are grown in a mixture of manure, peat and straw, which are steam–pasteurized each spring before planting. He uses minimal chemical control on his field-grown vegetables and forages, and practices biological control to manage greenhouse pests. He mixes straw and old hay into manure before storing to reduce smell and the potential for runoff, and composts the product before spreading it on fields used for corn, grain and forage.

Such dedication to the environment he lives and works in helps to protect the local land and water resources as well as protect wildlife habitat and make for good relationships with newly-rural neighbours.

Manning Family Farm Market
50 Oakdale Lane, Falmouth, NS
phone: 902-798-4541

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