Record Prices at April Feeder Sale

All time record average price driven by high buyer demand for quality, vaccinated calves.  Next feeder sale Saturday May 2nd, 2015.

Top Single > 500lbs – 1 vaccinated red steer weighing 565lbs @ $2.85, owned by Owen McCarron, bought by B&M Stockers. 2nd top single – 1 vacc Char steer weighing 605lbs @ $2.80, owned by Donald Beals, bought by B&M Stockers.

Top Group >500lbs – vaccinated 17 red steers ave weight 537lbs @ $3.22, owned by Dean and Catherine Manning, bought by John Houley and Son. 2nd top group vacc 14 red steers ave weight 600lbs @ $3.195 owned by East St Farm, bought by B&M Stockers.

April 2015 ASL Feeder Sale Summary [PDF]