Records broken at ‘fantastic’ bull sale

By Heather Jones, Farm Focus of Atlantic Canada

Records were broken at the 2015 Maritime Beef Test Station Breeding Stock Sale held April 4 in Nappan, Nova Scotia.

“It was a fantastic sale!”A total of 51 bulls sold for $243,500 and an average of $4,774.51. “That average is up more than $2,000 over last year,” McCallum told Farm Focus.

He said there was a great crowd of between 600-650 people at the sale and a “very positive buzz” about the “high quality animals.”

And while bids were being taken in Nappan, 200 people viewed the sale as it was streamed online. “There was also a lot of interest from bidders on the phone from Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick,” McCallum said.

Downeast Charolais had the top seller. Their Charolais bull went to Lucien Morin for $9,250.

A total of 9 Charolais sold for $50,650 with an average of $5,627.78.

Hidden Hollow Farm had the top selling Simmental. Their bull went to Rodney Hicks for $8,250. A total of 17 Simmentals sold for $80,500 with an average of $4,735.29.

Othberg’s Limousin’s top-selling Limousin bull was purchased by Phillip Donaher for $6,800. A total of 8 Limousins sold for $38,000 with an average of $4,750.

Hillcrest Farm had the top-selling Angus. It went to S&S Dixon Farm for $5,750. A total of 9 Angus went for $42,650 with an average of $4,738.89.

Melvern Simmentals consigned the top-selling Hybrid. The bull was purchased by Don Beal for $5,100. A total of 3 Hybrids sold for $13,400 with an average of $4,466.67.

Brian and Linda Walker owned the top-selling Salers. Their bull was purchased by Rejeanne Veillette for $4,000. Two Salers sold for $7,900 and averaged $3,950.

Thunderbrook Farms consigned the lone Hereford bull in the sale. It went to Sterling Mitchell for $3,800.

Lorcain Farms had the top-selling Red Angus. The bull was purchased by Emily McGraw for $3,400. Two Red Angus sold for $6,600 and averaged $3,300.

The Heifer Sale was “fantastic!” McCallum stated. The six heifers sold for a total of $15,350 and an average of $2,558.33. He guessed that the average broke records; if not “at least it’s the highest price in a decade.”

Josh McFadgen bought the top selling heifer—a Red Angus consigned by S&S Dixon farm—for $2,800.

McFadgen purchased five of the six heifers including a Limousin, Angus and two Composites.

McCallum said the bulls were sold to farms in all three Maritime provinces and Quebec. “It was good to see support from buyers and sellers. We have a dedicated group of buyers who come every year and consignors who consign high quality animals.”

McCallum noted that putting the bulls online also played a role in the successful sale. “The bull videos on YouTube had over 1700 views. It’s a good value-added piece for the consignors and makes it a little easier for the buyers before they come to the sale.”

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