NSPE and NSCP to Host Inaugural Elite Beef Expo

On August 28 and 29, 2015, the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition will host the a show which will feature the best beef animals from Nova Scotia and across the Maritimes.

The Nova Scotia Cattle Producers, in cooperation with the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission, are creating a unique experience for visitors to this year’s exhibition in August by hosting the inaugural Nova Scotia Elite Beef Expo. The Expo is scheduled for August 28 and 29, 2015.

This is a positive time for the industry with beef prices at an all-time high and that gives us an opportunity to put together a beef show that is interesting for people attending the exhibition and increases the profile of the industry.

“We have a very dedicated group of breeders in the Province who produce high quality animals and the Expo will give them a chance to showcase their animals to the public” says NSCP Chair Larry Weatherby.

This year’s event ensures that the beef component of the show continues to be an important part of the Provincial Exhibition with elements that have never been seen before, including a focus on public education, enhanced access to the animals being exhibited and participation by the highest quality beef cattle.

Stephen Pottie, General Manager for the NSPEC site, is very pleased with the Expo. “It was time to bring our beef show to a new level and I believe the format adopted for this year’s beef expo will do just that. The partnership between the Nova Scotia Cattle Producers and the NS Provincial Exhibition Commission has created an unparalleled beef component to our Ex event.”

Adding an educational component to the Expo will give the public a chance to learn about beef farming in Nova Scotia as well as meet the farmers who produce the high quality food they consume. “The NSCP believes strongly in Agricultural Awareness and informing consumers of the importance of agriculture to their community as well as to where their food comes from” adds Larry Weatherby.

Shelly Clews, the volunteer Chair of the 2015 Ex, added “This year’s theme for our entire Exhibition is “Exploring the Senses of Agriculture”. Families will have the opportunity to explore the five senses in an interactive way and cattle fit right into this agricultural educational experience. For the first time in recent memory, the cattle will be facing the attendees so that the public will be that much closer and involved with the cattle on display. There will be information on beef cattle available and that will also be a great addition to the beef exhibit. These kind of changes are exciting and will be very well received by the attendees of the Ex.”

More information on the Nova Scotia Elite Beef Expo can be found by visiting the Expo Website