2016 Heifer Consignment Sale

Dear Breeders,

The Maritime Beef Testing Society is very pleased to announce that we will, once again, be holding a heifer consignment sale at our annual Breeding Stock Sale on April 2, 2016. Last year’s sale was a great success and we are hoping to build on that this year. We hope to expand the sale to include approximately 30 high quality heifers. Below is a historical summary of our heifer sale.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Heifers 18 23 15 28 6
High $ $1,675 $1,725 $1,425 $1,900 $2,800
Average $ $1,350 $1,392 $1,193 $1,489 $2,558

This will be a quality event! Bluntly put this will not be a place for common quality heifers, heifers must be offered by March 4, 2016. Rather than a sale commission, a flat fee of $100.00 will be charged per animal sold. Heifers selected will be delivered to the Test Station approximately 1 week prior to the sale date to allow them to calm down, adapt, rest, fill out and allow for early viewing by prospective buyers.

Heifers delivered will be weighed on arrival and must be at least 900 pounds or they will not be accepted, no exceptions! At this time they will be tagged with their lot number sale order will be as they come out of the pen going to the sale ring.

Due to the early sale time pregnancy confirmation will likely be difficult but if confirmed by ultrasound that would be an advantage (this to be done by consignor prior to delivery). An AI breeding date or an observed natural breeding date will be announced but heifer will sell as expose. Heifers exposed but with no observed breeding date will be sold considered open and possibly bred. Exposure bull must be identified.

Hopefully with the upturn in the beef industry there will be herd rebuilding and startups in the future. It is our goal that this sale will provide a needed service to purebred and commercial breeders both buyers and sellers and that the Maritime Beef Testing Society continues it’s long tradition as a major player in the development and improvement of the beef industry in Atlantic Canada. If interested contact Ken Thompson at 902-661-2855 or Brian Trueman at 902-667-1137 for more information.

Brian Trueman

2016 MBTS Heifer Consignment Intent Form [PDF]

2016 MBTS Heifer Consignment Entry Form [PDF]