2016 Test Station Heifer Consignments

Lot 1- 8 bred heifers from S&S Dixon Farm. Vaccinated with Cattlemaster and Ultrabac, will be preg checked prior to sale.

Lot 2- 8 bred heifers from Orchard Hill Farm. Vaccinated with Bova-Sheild Gold FP and Vision 8, bred to Angus, will be preg checked prior to sale.

Lot 3- 4 open heifers from Othberg Limousin, registered purebred and fully vaccinated.

Lot 4- 7 open commercial Angus heifers from E. Rose Macdonald, vaccinated with Bova-Sheild and Ultrabac.

Lot 5- 1 open commercial heifer from Barbara Higgins-Larkin, Red Angus/Simmental, vaccinated.

Lot 6- 2 bred commercial heifers from Menno Reimer

Lot 7- 2 open Simmental heifers from Wade Murray, vaccinated with Bova-Shield Gold OneShot.

Lot 8- 3 commercial open heifers from Marvin Peters, fully vaccinated.

Lot 9- 1 open heifer, registered purebred Simmental from Jo-Dreen Farm, fully vaccinated

Lot 10- 2 open Charolais heifers from Ken Langille

Lot 11- 2 open commercial heifers from Andy Carter