ABP Producer Appreciation Event

Dear Producers,

On behalf of Atlantic Beef Products I would like to invite all cattle producers to our 2016 Producer Appreciation Event on Wednesday April 27, 2016. We will organize tours at the plant starting around 9:00 and wrapping up by 11:00 am. After the tour we will gather at the Crapaud Curling Club for lunch and information presentations from Russ Mallard (President) and myself on current and future issues and opportunities. We will also present the 2015 Producer Recognition Awards during the meeting and plan to finish the event around 1:30.
Please confirm if you plan to attend by e-mail at bandrews@abpi.ca or by calling 902-437-2727 ext 224 so we can be prepared for the tours and meal requirements.

Bruce Andrews
Procurement and Logistics Manager
Atlantic Beef Products Inc.