Board Member Announcement

At the corresponding 2018 NSCP Zone Meetings, Danford Murphy was re-elected as the rep for Zone 1 and Larry Weatherby was re-elected as the Zone 4 rep. Bert Meyer was elected as the Dealer Director at the February 2018 Dealer Meeting.

The Board has elected Larry Weatherby as Chair, Victor Oulton as Vice Chair and Dean Manning as Secretary Treasurer.

We would like to thank Curtis Moxsom for serving on the Board as both Director at Large and Vice Chair over the past three years.

A complete list of the 2018-19 Board is as follows:

Zone 1  (2021) – Danford Murphy
Zone 2 (2019) – Alicia King
Zone 3  (2020) – Leon Smith
Zone 4  and Chair (2021) – Larry Weatherby
Zone 5 (2019) – Dean Manning
Zone 6 (2020) – Wayne MacKay
At Large, Vice Chair and CCA Rep (2019) – Victor Oulton
At Large  (2020) – Brian Trueman
Dealer Director (2021) – Bert Meyer
Past Chair – Vacant
DFNS Rep – David Bekkers
NPMC Rep – Vacant