Reminder: CCIA Tags Required For Transportation

There have been a number of producers that have showed up recently to unload cattle at Atlantic Beef Products Inc. (ABPI) with animals with no CCIA tags (RFID or yellow button tags) or having them in their hands. This is against the Canadian Livestock Regulations and can result in non-compliance for ABPI with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It is the producers legal responsibility to make sure every animal has a valid CCIA tag in the animal’s ear before it leaves the farm. It is also the Truckers legal responsibility to make sure they don’t load or transport any animals that do not have a valid CCIA Tag.

Effective June 14, 2018, ABPI will require every transporter to sign the below manifest before a truck is unloaded. If the trucker circles NO that all animals may not have a CCIA tag then the truck will not be unloaded without being reviewed by CFIA.

If an animal does get unloaded and makes it to the knock box without a valid CCIA tag, ABPI is required to notify CFIA immediately. ABPI may be required to contact the  producer and get a valid CCIA tag number and update the system and the CCIA tag retirement file in order to stay in compliance with the regulations. These non-compliant situations may result in a fine from either or both ABPI and CFIA.

These rules are the same regardless of where animals are being moved or shipped to ABPI or another location.

For any questions regarding the regulations, please visit the CCIA website at

ABPI Barn Receiving Manifest