ABP – Missing CCIA Tags

In the past 7 months, Atlantic Beef Products have received over 200 cattle that were shipped by producers without CCIA tags in their ears.  It is illegal to ship or transport beef or dairy animals without a proper CCIA or registered breed tag (equivalent to CCCIA) off our operation.  Atlantic Beef Products (ABPI) keeps track of these animals by producer and must supply an ABPI purchased CCIA tag to these animals so that a proper number gets retired in the CLTS system.  Starting Jan 1st , 2022 producers will be deducted $5 for every CCIA tag that is missing on arrival.   This is a violation of the regulations which may result in a follow up with producers from CFIA to ensure that animal identification is being followed to protect our industry.

Here are the regulations under the Health of Animals regulations that would apply:

175 (1) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, every person who owns or has the possession, care or control of a bison, bovine or ovine or of the carcass of a bison, bovine or ovine shall ensure that it is identified by an approved tag that is applied to it before it is removed from a site.

176 Subject to section 183, no person shall remove or cause the removal of a bison, bovine or ovine or the carcass of a bison, bovine or ovine from a site unless it bears an approved tag that has been applied to it under section 175.

177 (1) Subject to section 183 and subsection 184(2), no person shall transport or cause the transportation of a bison, bovine or ovine or the carcass of a bison, bovine or ovine that does not bear an approved tag.

These are all minor violations and could warrant a Letter of non-compliance up to an AMP (fine) of $2,500-$3,000.